Little Green Men is a very popular Southland two piece band playing pubs, weddings, festivals and private functions from small to large.

Chrissie plays guitar, bodhran and sings while Brad plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin and sings.

For bookings contact Brad or Chrissie on 0064039310599 or visit their website Gary sometimes joins the band as their barn-dance caller.

Rolleston Wedding, 10th February, 2018

Hi Brad, Chrissie and Gary, (Brad could you send on to Gary, I don't seem to have his email address).


We hope you are all well and Gary - that the poetry tour went well. Sorry that we hadn't made the time sooner to thank you properly for your wonderful music and calling at our wedding. 


We got the photographs back yesterday - it was great to see more of what happened on the day - because it seemed to us that the whole thing was over in about 30 minutes!

There are some great action photos of the ceilidh - playing and calling. 

I absolutely love the one of the grand march through the garden. Thank you for suggesting that we started with that. I wasn't too sure - but you were right and it set the perfect tone for the evening. It was exactly what we had hoped for. I have been to quite a few ceilidhs and it was the best music and calling that I have seen. .....goodness me, we had a group of novices to do a pretty good eightsome reel! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm on the night. It was a magical day and having a great ceilidh at the end of it was a key ingredient.


Best regards, Melissa and Roger